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Wi-Fi Installation London

Wireless networks (Wi-Fi) are essential to businesses and homes of all sizes. They provide great flexibility while working and allow a wide range of modern user devices to connect to the network that only contain wireless network adapters.

However, ISP provided wireless routers and commercial repeaters provide poor performance for your wireless network in terms of coverage, speed, reliability and security. Businesses that rely on the ISP’s Wi-Fi router and a few repeaters experience

  • dead spots in Wi-Fi coverage
  • slow speeds
  • frequent interruptions in network connectivity.

Having to continuously troubleshoot a wireless network connection is time consuming and may cost the business significantly considering that most businesses depend on a network / Internet connection to be able to perform in a basic manner. Furthermore, many office buildings in London are built in a way that blocks wireless signals resulting in very poor coverage and RF interference comes on top of that. In some of them it is even a challenge or not possible at all to run network cabling throughout the building which can increase complexity.

Small business owners often falsely believe that installing corporate grade Wi-Fi is an expensive and lengthy procedure. However, our engineers have repeatedly delivered excellent as well as

  • cost-effective Wi-Fi installations
  • leading to increased business productivity
  • and ncreased network  security. 

We support a wide range of vendors including Ubiquity, Cisco Meraki, Sophos and Ruckus. 

Once you contact us, we will arrange a free survey so that we better understand your requirements (such as concentration of users, number of devices, whether guests would use the Wi-Fi and in what way) and the layout of your workplace as to identify any potential challenges we may face.

Then we will present you with options along with the benefits and downsides of each ranging from budget to feature breadth. Furthermore, we will discuss aesthetics since certain business environments would prefer networking equipment not to be visible at all and the timeframe in which you would want us to implement the installation.

In our suggestions, we will also include other networking equipment which may be required such as POE switches and wireless controllers.

Each installation will need to cover the following.

Coverage / Range

We will make sure that whether you occupy a single space office or a multi-storey building, you will have excellent signal in all areas needed. If you have existing network cabling, we will assess whether it is suitable for your network and make relevant suggestions. If structured cabling is required, we can deliver this for you. Whatever the scenario, we will have a solution that will cover all of your essential spaces. Furthermore, when you have multiple users, we will ensure that the access points are placed at locations where each will handle the minimum amount of workload in order to boost performance.


Depending on the overall speed of your network and the devices you intend to connect wirelessly, we will consider the type of equipment we are going to install as for you to have the closest to the required speed for your wireless network.

 Number of devices supported

Each business needs to be aware of how many devices connect to its core network. Sometimes when staff know the WiFi password, they will connect their personal devices such as phones and tablets even if that is against company policy. This can affect the performance of your network significantly and introduce security risks. It is vital to have control over who is connected to your core network which gives access to the business digital resources. All other devices can be connected to segregated Guest network isolated from the main company resources.


We will make sure that you use the most secure Wi-Fi security protocol and that your network is segmented to prevent unauthorized access to company resources, such as servers and printers.

WiFi Installation London

A Wi-Fi installation can be a one-off project if you prefer but if you are also using our managed IT support services, we will monitor your Wi-Fi remotely and make sure all security updates are installed as well as troubleshoot any performance issues you may have.

Once you decide its time to improve your Wi-Fi, give us a call and this will be the first step in your having one of the best Wi-Fi Installations in London.