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VOIP Phone System for Small Businesses

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers a range of advantages for small businesses, making it an attractive alternative to traditional phone lines.

There are a number of benefits that Small Business IT Support London can utilise for your small to medium sized business depending on your needs.

The right VOIP system and configuration, can reduce costs, increase productivity and quality of service to clients.

Cost Savings: VoIP typically offers significant cost savings over traditional phone services. It reduces the cost of domestic and international calls and eliminates the need for separate phone lines, often resulting in lower monthly phone bills.

Scalability: VoIP solutions are highly scalable, allowing businesses to easily add or remove lines or services as their needs change. This flexibility is ideal for growing small businesses.

Advanced Features: VoIP services often include advanced features that are not available with traditional phone lines or are available for an additional cost. These can include voicemail to email, call forwarding, auto-attendant, call recording and video conferencing capabilities.

Mobility: With VoIP, employees can make and receive calls from anywhere, not just from the office, usually by installing an app to their smartphone. This supports remote work and allows businesses to stay connected with employees and customers, regardless of location.

Integration with Business Tools: VoIP systems can often be integrated with other business applications, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, email, and team collaboration tools. This integration can improve efficiency and streamline workflows.

Improved Call Quality: Advances in VoIP technology have significantly improved call quality, making it equal to or better than traditional telephony, provided there’s a stable internet connection.

Disaster Recovery: VoIP services can be a part of a business’s disaster recovery plan. Since the service is hosted in the cloud, businesses can quickly reroute calls to mobile phones or alternate locations if the primary office is inaccessible. This is also very helpful during an office move where communications can continue regardless of the relocation.

Easier Maintenance: VoIP systems are generally easier and less expensive to maintain than traditional phone systems, as much of the maintenance is handled by the service provider remotely.

Enhanced Customer Service: Features like call routing, virtual numbers, and after-hours call handling can help small businesses enhance their customer service and present a professional image.

Environmental Benefits: VoIP is more environmentally friendly than traditional phone systems, as it uses less energy and requires fewer physical materials to operate.

For small businesses, VoIP offers a versatile, cost-effective, and feature-rich communication solution that can adapt to the needs of the business and support its growth.

Small Business IT Support London works with a number of VOIP providers and depending on your requirements can recommend the best one for your needs. We can also give you a large choice of wired and wireless handsets to choose from, so that each handset will fit the needs of the intended user (e.g. reception, sales, retail).

Handling your VOIP setup is included in our managed IT support service, where we can handle everything IT related in your company eliminating the need of coming into contact with varying parties.


VOIP Phone System for Small Businesses