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IT Relocation London

Moving business premises can be a great challenge for any business and doing so without having any downtime, needs careful planning.

Your new premises may be quite different in size and layout than your previous premises which may mean that you may need additional or different networking equipment which are to be installed ahead of the move.

Our team would initially visit your new premises and examine the options in regards to installing new phones lines and Internet connections. Then we would set out a detailed plan on how the transition would take place in a way that would not affect staff productivity.

Each office move, will be different of course but the main actions we would undertake as part of an office move, would be

  • Project management from start to completion
  • Provisioning of new telecommunication lines
  • Network cabling
  • Installation of office phone systems
  • Complete setup/reconfiguration of networking equipment and servers
  • Backing up your important data
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Liaising with contractors and third parties in both locations
  • Physically moving IT hardware
  • Inventory management to ensure nothing gets misplaced
  • Recycling of obsolete IT equipment

Very importantly, we will work within your time constraints and can work over the weekend and after hours to ensure a smooth transition. Once the move is complete, our team will be present for the first day to ensure that everything works as they should.

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