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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can you work on a project basis?

    Yes we do. We frequently undertake one off projects outside of an IT support agreement. Examples of projects are Wi-Fi installation, cybersecurity hardening including certification preparation (such as Cyber Essentials), email migration and others.

    For our projects we offer fixed pricing, regardless of how long they will take to implement and whether we will need to work out of hours to meet your deadlines. However, if we already are engaged in an IT support agreement with you, you will benefit from reduced pricing and/or we can spread the project milestones to match the time allowance in your IT support contract, so you can keep costs down.

  • Do you procure and/or repair IT equipment?

    Yes we do procure all typers of IT equipment and software at preferential pricing through our partners. We are also able to repair all types of IT equipment from laptops to servers and are able to recover data from a range of storage devices (although we will make sure as soon as we take you on that we will securely backup all of your business critical data). We have a well equiped lab in Pall Mall, St James that will put an end to piles of malfunctioning IT equipment sitting at a cupboard.

  • Can you work with other IT teams on a project?

    We do very frequently collaborate with other IT teams in order to implement a project. Large multinational companies have often trusted us to support their London branches, as it is much faster and cost effective for us to attend their local offices/shops when there is a need. Furthermore, we will be your liaison with ISPs , telecom companies as well as software and hardware vendors when there is a need, to relieve you from the pressure of going through support queues and technical jargon. 

  • Small Business IT Support Cost

    Our charges are based on your use of our support and specifically the time in which you engage us. We do not charge you per device or per operating system or per software that your business uses. We have too often seen businesses paying fixed fees for services that are not being used and paying significant extra charges each time an engineer needs to attend or a project needs to take place.

    Our pricing structure is simple and fair and always turns out to be very cost effective. Once you explain your requirements to us along with your most frequent IT issues we will provide an assesment of what needs to be done to optimise your IT and with you we would estimate how many hours of support you would require per month and provide a fixed monthly fee for these support hours. If you happen not to use your allowance on a given month, your unused hours will get transferred over to the subsequent months and if you consistently use more than your allowance every month you will be charged a reduced hourly rate per extra hour.

    Most businesses, wish us to make a thorough assesment when we come in and prefer to solve long standing issues that affect productivity. Once we resolve these issues in the initial period, then usually the need for support decreases since most issues are no longer there. We are experienced and effective, making sure you are focused on what you do best.

  • Are you offering remote or onsite support?

    We offer both remote and onsite support. Our rule is when remote support is not possible and/or time consuming, our engineers come to you. Being located in the centre of London means we can be in your London premises in a short amount of time.

  • What are your response times?

    In regards to remote support it is usually seconds, but if you need us to attend, we will guarantee our response times based on the severity of the incident incurred. For emergencies with severe consequences to the business, we can be there in as little as 2 hours after you call us.