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IT Support Outsourcing London

Outsourcing your IT Support or parts of it, is very often a wise choice for businesses of all sizes. Below are a few examples we have encountered where outsourcing IT Support to Small Business IT Support London, has been greatly beneficial for the business.

Small Businesses with no in-house staff: A small business does not necessarily need full time IT support staff and can be several ways in which this could be better for the business. Outsourced IT support can have a number of benefits

  • Cost: Paying full time salaries plus benefits and annual leave can be expensive while all you need is a few hours of support per week. Our engineers will know everything about your business
  • Limited Technical Experience: Our engineers have technical experience working with hundreds of businesses in different sectors, with a variety of technologies and vendors and have encountered a wide variety of issues, which is unlikely to be the case with inhouse support. Our team can advise you on what best suits your evolving requirements as you grow by sharing our experience with other companies in your sector and not by researching and hoping for the best. We can also assist in areas that your inhouse IT will not be as strong.
  • Flexibility in manpower and availability: We will be available, when in house IT staff is not, as for example during their day off, their sickness days and on weekends. On top of that we can provide the extra manpower for a number of IT projects that could not be handle by a small inhouse IT support team or a single inhouse IT technician.

National or International business with London branches: Many large businesses have several branches in different cities and/or countries. Their IT departments are very often outside London and it is costly to send an engineer over to resolve an issue that requires onsite support, or even to perform an upgrade to infrastructure. Moreover, in case of an IT emergency time is of essence and you would want someone skilled to be able to attend quickly.

Our engineers are familiar with a number of technologies and vendors and can work alongside your IT department to deliver the onsite support you require quickly and efficiently. Our team is based in Central London which allows us to attend to your London premises within a short time.

Covering for IT Staff sickness days and annual leave: Quite frequently a business does not need more than one or two full time IT staff but would not wish to have extra IT staff in case of an absence. By having a support agreement with Small Business IT Support London, we can be briefed on your infrastructure and step in whenever we are needed, whether it is IT staff absence or increased workload for a period. You can use the expertise of our engineers whenever you need it, without stressing about finding last minute solutions.