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Email Setup and Security

Email has become vital for business communication. However, there are a number of offerings through different providers and each has each own benefits and downsides. It is often difficult to tell which is the best solution while starting out a business since business needs can evolve and there are several factors to consider such as speed, storage, cost, security and others. Further, than choosing the right provider, email security has become increasingly important since email is one of the main delivery methods of malicious attacks such as malware infections and phishing.

Small Business IT Support London can advise you on which is the best provider for your needs and setup everything for you. Some of the email services we provide are:

Email Setup

We can advise on the best email provider for your needs, point your domain name towards that provider and setup all of your mailboxes including the installation and setup of your preferred email client.

Migration from one email provider to another (including Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspaces)

We have assisted many companies with switching their email providers in a safe and cost-effective manner. As a company grows it can become a challenge to move all emails to a new provider and there is a need for the process to be seamless and result in no downtime. We have the tools and experience to make this happen and plan it to perfection and as part of the email migration we can move shared cloud files, calendars and notes.

Email Security and verification

We can present and implement options that will

  • Isolate and block malware from your emails
  • Identify Phishing and Spam emails
  • Prevent malicious third parties from impersonating your company and your users
  • Encrypt your email communication with select parties

User Phishing Training

Phishing emails become harder and harder to distinguish from legitimate ones. Company staff may have great difficulty in detecting phishing emails which may compromise the company. It is easy to mistake phishing emails while trying to work and meet deadlines. For that purpose we can deploy Phishing training tools that will reveal which types of emails your users are more susceptible to and in what way, giving you the opportunity to adjust your phishing training as to achieve full staff awareness against this threat.